Mon, 24th March   548

Even Arthur used to go over the pictures, helping me spot the bad ones. Of course, the bad ones were those that didn’t make me seem beautiful. I felt occasionally that I was killing the truth when I killed the ones that were bad for my public image. Here is Marilyn Monroe with an egg on her face. I used to feel as tied to the beauty business as an addict to his drugs. It’s a relief to get in sloppy clothes and not worry about the impression you’re making—about any of it. But it’s part of my career—my life!—and I accept it. When my looks start to go, so will most of the fans. So long, it’s been nice knowing you. But I won’t care. I’ll be ready. There’s other kinds of beauty, other ways of impressing people and getting over. I hope to do it by sheer acting, I do.

Mon, 03rd March   163
I think you’ve got to love people, all kinds of people, to be able to have an opinion about them that’s worth anything. The whole idea of judging people is crazy. We do what we have to do, and we pay for it. We’re no better than we have to be. We can try to be better, and part of trying is not to condemn other people.

Marilyn Monroe
Sun, 02nd March   302
Sometimes I think I was more in control of my life years and years ago, and yet one should make progress; one should learn more every year and become…well, if not happier, then calmer and more able to handle your problems. But I’m not. Sometimes I just seem to make more problems for myself. I do. It makes me feel I haven’t grown up as much as I should have by now.

Marilyn Monroe
Sat, 01st March   529

You know, I like playing around in the garden. It’s sort of fun. All there is is work, and there’s love.

Forgive me for being sentimental. I’m so glad you were born and that I’m living at the same time as you.

Marilyn Monroe, Fragments
I can and will help
myself and work on
things analytically no
matter how painful—if I
forget things (the unconscious
wants to
forget—I will only try to remember)
my body is my body
every part of it.

Marilyn Monroe, Fragments
It seemed to be raining the whole time. Or maybe it was me.

Marilyn Monroe
I refuse to let articles appear in movie magazines signed ‘By Marilyn Monroe.’ I might never see that article and it might be okayed by somebody in the studio. This is wrong because when I was a little girl I read signed stories in fan magazines and I believed every word the stars said in them. Then I’d try to model my life after the lives of the stars I read about. If I’m going to have that kind of influence, I want to be sure it’s because of something I’ve actually read or written.

Marilyn Monroe
Fri, 30th August   107
I’m learning to live in all kinds of directions. I’m beginning to look at things—you know? Really look. To find the real, inside center of me, and then to look out at the world in a new way. People…things. It makes you more tolerant to look. Tolerance is one of the most important things in the world—you know? I’m learning so much. I’m, well, doing and thinking different things. For instance, I’m not afraid to be afraid anymore.

Marilyn Monroe
Fri, 23rd August   650
When my emotions kick me on the inside and the world kicks me on the outside, where do I go from there?

Marilyn Monroe, Marilyn and Me