Sun, 12th May   650

Happy Mother’s Day! Although Marilyn didn’t have the chance to be a mother due to suffering from miscarriages and an ectopic pregnancy, she always loved kids and they loved her just as much. She longed to be a mother more than anything else and really wanted to have a boy. In 1962, months before her death, she told her friend & photographer George Barris, “The thing I want more than anything else? I want to have children. I used to feel for every child I had, I would adopt another.”

I know a lot of fans including myself see Marilyn as a mother figure among many other things. We may just be fans to some people, but I hope to Marilyn she sees us as her kids, too, since she never had any. I’d like to wish Marilyn a Happy Mother’s Day from all of us. We love you and we’re sending lots of hugs and kisses to you in heaven!

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