Thu, 31st May   11
The reasons that I fell in love with and stayed in love with Miss Marilyn Monroe….

I don’t really remember the exact age I was because as far back as I remember I knew who she was. I always liked her. Hearing my father talk about her and my uncles and how they loved her back in the day. The first movie I ever saw with her in it was actually All About Eve and then the first movie I saw with her as the lead role was Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. That one still remains to be my favorite mostly because of that reason. The reasons I fell in love with her was that she was pretty and in my mind at the time the way I thought all women should look. Then I got to know her through her acting and I was like, wow! She can act. This was about the time I was 14. I also thought she was so cute with her voice and stuff and could really sing…then as I got older I started reading books about her and watching old interviews and reading articles about her and getting to know who she really was. Around this time I was going through a really dark time in my life and she made me see the light. I remember thinking “if someone like her can get through all of that and make it big, I can certainly get through this…” She is my idol for everything she was and chose to be. For who she really was and for the character of Marilyn she chose to play. She is one of the most beautiful women to ever grace this planet and one of the most gentle kind of spirits to ever walk this land. She is everything I want to be. She’s just fantastic. I can’t even describe it any other words, because there really aren’t words to describe it. This is the best I can say. I just love her.  Always<3

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