Hi everyone. I’m going to be taking a bit of a break from this blog and most likely the internet in general. I’ve been having a really rough past few days and I just need some space from everyone and everything. I don’t know how long I’ll be on a break but hopefully it won’t be for too long.

Happy 4th of July to my fellow Americans! Have fun and be safe! ❤️

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Marilyn Monroe on the cover of Tempo July 4, 1955.

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Thanks for submitting this to me, but it’s Laurence Olivier not Richard Burton. I’m not sure if Marilyn met Burton, but no photos of them together exist.

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Bought this Marilyn night gown today for only $8.99!

I actually saw the picture and just Google Richard Burton and Susan Strasberg and it should be there :)

I did but I don’t see Marilyn in the photos with Richard and Susan! Could you submit it to me?

omg where is that richard/marilyn pic i need to see it
from: Anonymous

Honestly I’m not sure what picture anon is talking about because I don’t recall ever seeing it. I only know of the photos with Marilyn, Susan, and Laurence Olivier. Never saw a photo of them with Richard Burton.

I know Marilyn and Marlon Brando were good friends, but i was wondering do you know if they were ever in a relationship? Thankyou lovely, and i think you have a beautiful blog x
from: Anonymous

Hi! I don’t think they ever officially dated. They met sometime in 1951, a year or so before she met Joe DiMaggio. As we know, she married DiMaggio in ‘54 (divorced later that year) and by 1955 she began to date Arthur Miller whom she married a year later. Marlon and Marilyn could have possibly dated in 1951 after they met or before she dated Arthur. Marlon claims they would see each other now and then and kept in touch up until her death in 1962. I don’t think anyone really knows the exact nature of their relationship/friendship, but from what I’ve gathered it seems to me that they always had feelings for each other but remained close friends. Here is an excerpt about Marilyn from Marlon’s autobiography.

Also thank you so much for your kind words :-)

i wanna have a marilyn-themed birthday but need some help and ideas? thanks!
from: Anonymous

Ooooh how fun!!

Are you having it at your house with just a couple of friends/family? Or is it going to be a big bash? Just asking because I have a few different ideas but it depends on where your party will be and how many people! :-)

I just saw a picture of Marilyn with Susan and Richard Burton! I always wanted him and marilyn to be together idk they just seemed like they would've been an interesting couple (well he did date Susan!)
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Have you read Marilyn and Me by Susan? If you haven’t I know you’d really enjoy it! (Susan talks quite a bit about her relationship with Richard)