Tue, 22nd April   171
You know, for the first time in a long time I feel that something good is going to come out of my life…and I’m beginning to think that the something good is me.

Marilyn Monroe
Mon, 21st April   33
Sometimes I really don't like talking about Marilyn to people because with all the false information, it's like you have to "de-program" all the false negative bullshit about her just to have a conversation. I think there something's wrong with that. It's like exhausting to think about how much people don't know, that you have to "explain" why you like her instead of just saying her name and people being like "Oh gosh, yes!" or "Oh okay" w/o making a weird face.
from: Anonymous

Oh my god I feel the exact same way! I couldn’t have said it better. When people find out I love her they always ask me why I love her followed by numerous ignorant accusations (the best part is that think they’re so educated about her omg). It does get annoying that I have to explain myself when I shouldn’t have to. I really have to bring myself to stay calm and try to have an intelligent conversation about her. I also noticed I can’t just have a quick, pleasant conversation about her and call it a day—I have to talk about her whole life for them to understand why and how her image today is nothing like who she really was. I love talking about Marilyn but not when I feel like I’m wasting my time with someone who doesn’t care what I have to say and for some crazy reason they still think they’re right—that just makes me angry! 

i don't think other bombshells like jayne and mamie would have had a career without marilyn
from: Anonymous

I agree with you. Their careers were solely based on being “the next Marilyn” when Marilyn left Fox.

Mon, 21st April   102
I hate when people tell me I can't look up to Marilyn because "she was a slut".
from: Anonymous

People are so ignorant that I can’t help but laugh at them. If they could only open a book or do some in-depth research about Marilyn, then they’d feel awful for thinking such negative things about her. I don’t like the word “slut” or anything similar to it because I don’t think it’s fair to label anybody based on who or how many people they sleep with considering it’s no one’s business—but Marilyn did not sleep around (and she didn’t sleep with anyone to get roles either!) as people like to think. On multiple occasions she spoke very angrily about “wolves” (men only interested in sex). Marilyn is truly a wonderful inspiring woman—if other people don’t want to find out for themselves then I feel sorry for them! They’re missing out on all the love and joy of Marilyn!

Mon, 21st April   252

Arthur Miller & Marilyn Monroe at a hot dog stand in New York, 1957.

Sat, 19th April   90

Marilyn Monroe photographed by André de Dienes, 1945.

Sat, 19th April   208

Marilyn Monroe on the set of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, 1952.

Fri, 18th April   25

My sister had her second baby tonight! She’s so cute and chubby. And guess what…her name is LORELEI! She had this name picked out for months and she had no idea it’s the same name of Marilyn’s character in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes! Of course when she’s older I’ll show her the film hehe ❤️

Fri, 18th April   122

Marilyn Monroe in a costume test for There’s No Business Like Show Business, 1954.

Fri, 18th April   106

Marilyn Monroe during her Person To Person interview, 1955.