How did you edit all your apps to look like that? They're so beautiful!
from: Anonymous

Thank you so much! It’s an app called CocoPPa! They have soooo many super cute & different designs for apps!

Hi! Sorry if you've already answered this, but how did you get those customized app designs? :O so pretty!

Hey! The app is called CocoPPa :-)

Thu, 17th April   18

So happy I found a Marilyn design for my Instagram app!

Wed, 16th April   321

Marilyn Monroe photographed by David Cicero, 1951.

hey! So i talked to you a while ago about my name being Marian Monroe and how everyone asked if I was related to her and I would always said no and then you suggested that its possible I could be related to her through her mother and after talking to a lot of family members i found out that I am very distantly related to her! I thought I'd share because you were initially the one who started me wanting to figure it out :) Have a nice day!!

OMG yes I remember when we had that conversation! That’s incredible, I’m so happy for you! Thank you so much for sharing this with me, I can’t stop smiling ♡ 

Hey how are you? I hope all is well, loving your blog as always!
from: Anonymous

Thank you so much darling, that means a lot to me especially since I haven’t been on here as much as I used to be. I’m alright, just been a little stressed with classes since it’s the end of the semester and finals are coming up! Other than that I’m just fine! I hope all is well with you also :-)

I remember watching a documentary about Marilyn where Jack Lemmon mentions something about her hand movements but I forgot which one it was! do you have any video or interview where he mentions that?
from: Anonymous

Hi dear, I’ve tried looking through YouTube but I can’t find the video! I’m sorry :-(

Was Marilyn friends with Albert Einstein?
from: Anonymous

Sadly no! There is a rumor that Albert sent Marilyn an autographed photo with a personal inscription but it was really a joke from Eli Wallach. Albert & Marilyn never met nor communicated with one another, but we do know that Marilyn admired him :-)

Tue, 15th April   242

Marilyn Monroe photographed by Gordon Parks, 1956.

Tue, 15th April   256

Marilyn Monroe & Jane Russell on the set of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, 1952.